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Dec. 29, 2021

Chris Paparo, Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and Wildlife Photographer

Chris Paparo, Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and Wildlife Photographer
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Hello everyone, and welcome back for another episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series Podcast. This is your Host Howard Fox. The Outdoor Adventure Series celebrates individuals & families, businesses, and organizations that seek out and promote the exploration of the great outdoors.

Our guest today is Chris Paparo

Chris is an Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and Wildlife Photographer.

Chris was born and raised on Long Island (New York). He’s been exploring the wilds of the Island for over 30 years. He is the owner of Fish Guy Photos, Chris is a wildlife photographer, writer, and lecturer who enjoys bringing public awareness to the diverse wildlife that calls the island home.

Chris also writes features for the NY/NJ edition of On The Water Magazine.


Insigt2Go: "get outside and explore nature"

To learn more about Chris and his work, you can visit his website atwww.fishguyphotos.com

You can also keep up with Chris’ adventures by following him on the following social sites:


Click here to learn more about eh Outdoor Writers Association of America and the New York State Outdoor Writers Association

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