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April 26, 2021

Ralf Rohner, Landscape Astrophotography, Deep Space Imaging, and "Deepscape" Photography Enthusiast

Ralf Rohner,  Landscape Astrophotography, Deep Space Imaging, and
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Success InSight Podcast

Today's episode of Success InSight is another addition to our Outdoor Adventure Series.

It's a pleasure to introduce you to Ralf Rohner.

Ralf captains a Boeing 777-300ER for an International Carrier. When he's not working in the cockpit, his interests include landscape astrophotography and deep space photography.

Ralf is passionate about combining advanced landscape astrophotography and deep space imaging techniques into a new photographic field called "deepscape" photography, and he has had numerous articles about astrophotography, published on the Milky Way Photographers website, including:




To learn more about Ralf and his work, visit his website at https://ralf-rohner.pixels.com

You can also connect with Ralf on the following social sites:


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