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Nov. 24, 2021

Rick Saez, Host of the Outdoor Biz Podcast

Rick Saez, Host of the Outdoor Biz Podcast
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Hello everyone, and welcome back for another episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series on the Success InSight Podcast. The Outdoor Adventure Series celebrates individuals & families, businesses, and organizations that seek out and promote the exploration of the great outdoors.

Our guest today is Rick Saez

Rick is an adventurer, author, accomplished photographer, and podcaster. He is the host of the Outdoor Biz Podcast.

He is also an author, speaker, accomplished photographer, outdoor industry insider, and product development, expert.

Rick is committed to helping as many people as possible learn about, enjoy, and get energized by Outdoor and Adventure Travel experiences.

Rick is also a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

To learn more about Rick and his work, you can visit his website and check out his podcast library https://ricksaez.com/

Rick also invites you to connect with him following social sites


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