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Oct. 27, 2022

Sarah Fangman, Superintendent at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Sarah Fangman, Superintendent at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
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Hello everyone. Welcome back for another episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series Podcast. 

The Outdoor Adventure Series celebrates individuals & families, businesses and organizations that seek out and promote the exploration, stewardship, conservation, access, and enjoyment of the outdoors.

In this episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series, we continue to celebrate the National Marine Sanctuaries' 50th year of ocean conservation and stewardship. The National Marine Sanctuary System is made up of 15 marine protected areas. 

Our guest today on the Outdoor Adventure Series is Sarah Fangman. Sarah is the Superintendent of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, overseeing

the management and operations of a protected area covering 3,800 square miles. 

She was appointed to the position in July 2017 after serving as superintendent of Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, Georgia. 

Sarah has been with the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries since 1998, after serving as a U.S. Presidential Management Fellow with NOAA Fisheries in the Northwest and the Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program in Washington, D.C.

Topics We Discussed 

  1. Restoration Blueprint, the effort underway to shape the future of the Florida Keys NMS?
  2. What is Mission: Iconic Reefs? 
  3. Tell about the professionals and volunteers helping to deliver on the mission of the Florida Keys NMS.

Aha Moment

I can't claim to have impacted people's lives. Still, I certainly have been fortunate to be "at the table" helping to shape decisions about important ocean protection efforts for our nation's ocean treasure.

Media & Resources

https://oceanpanel.org/opportunity/sustainable-coastal-marine-tourism/  I contributed an expert opinion on this project. 

Next Steps 

To learn more about the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, visit their website at https://floridakeys.noaa.gov/

Click here to visit the sanctuary’s social site:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floridakeysnoaagov

Click here to learn more about the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

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