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Feb. 12, 2021

Travis Puglisi, Founder of Wandering Mojave Hiking Services

Travis Puglisi, Founder of Wandering Mojave Hiking Services
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Our guest today on the Success Insight Podcast is Travis Puglisi

Travis Puglisi, a 20-year desert resident, and the founder of Wandering Mojave Hiking Services. Wandering Mojave offers guided hiking and backpacking experiences in Joshua Tree National Park.

Travis is eager to share his stories and knowledge of the desert with you.

Wandering Mojave is regularly exploring Joshua Tree National Park in order to create unique routes customized outdoor adventures for the individual or group.

Travis utilizes a combination of trails and cross-country trekking, and guests have opportunities to view the park in a way that is always beyond their expectations.

You can reach out to Travis and learning more about Wandering Mojave Hiking Services by visiting their website at https://wanderingmojave.com/

You can also learn more about Wandering Mojave on the following social sites:


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