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Feb. 14, 2023

Anthony Ricciardone, Co-Owner of Admiral Shellfish Company, Fort Morgan, Alabama

Anthony Ricciardone, Co-Owner of Admiral Shellfish Company, Fort Morgan, Alabama
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Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism is the sponsor of this episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series. Warm temps and fresh seafood make the Alabama Gulf Coast the perfect beach destination for your family vacation, couples getaway, outdoor adventure, meetings, conferences, and conventions.

Our guest today is Anthony Ricciardone.

Anthony is the Co-Owner of Admiral Shellfish Company, based out of Fort Morgan, Alabama. Admiral raises and harvests prime oysters grown in South Alabama.

Topics we discussed:

  1. Wild oysters have been harvested for centuries in Alabama. When did commercial farm-raised cultivation get established?
  2. What are the characteristics of a premium Oyster?
  3. What are the major obstacles to sustainable Oyster Farming in Alabama?
  4. What can the public do to make a difference to ensure commercial Oyster Farming continues to thrive in Alabama?
  5. How has working with Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism impacted the public’s awareness of businesses like Admiral Shellfish Company?
  6. How can people access more oysters or Gulf Seafood?
  7. What are some of the upcoming festivals that our listeners find you and your team?

Aha Moment

Feedback from chefs or new oyster eaters that we have a unique shape and consistent quality makes all the windy, hot, and cold days worth it!


AL saltwater fishing report is an incredible way to stay connected to Mobile Bay and the water!





East Coast Shellfish Growers Association – Representing the Needs of Aquaculture and the Environment (ecsga.org)

Marine Biology - Biological Sciences - Auburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics

Sea Grant > Welcome to NOAA Sea Grant

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Ahi Seafood Market - Fairhope's Freshest Seafood Market

Annual Fort Morgan Oyster Fest Tickets, Sat, Feb 25, 2023, at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

Learn More

To learn more about Anthony and his work, visit Admiral Shellfish Company’s website athttps://admiralshellfishcompany.com/

Click hereto visit Admiral Shellfish Company’s Instagram page.


To begin planning your beach vacation, getaway, or outing, visit the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism website at https://www.gulfshores.com/.

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