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May 24, 2021

Pete Ducato, Outdoor Adventurer and Founder of Luno

Pete Ducato, Outdoor Adventurer and Founder of Luno
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Welcome back for another episode of the Success InSight Podcast.

Today’s episode is another addition to our Outdoor Adventure Series

Our guest today is Pete Ducato.

Pete is the Founder of Luno.  An Industrial Designer by trade, Pete has been in the product world for the past 10+ years. He started a multi-discipline design firm, STEL, in 2015 developing products for a variety of industries. It was here where he learned how to bring a product to the mass market while working with other entrepreneurs, small businesses, & fortune 500 companies (i.e. Under Armour, Sonos, Nomad, Bosch, Fitbit).

Pete is joining us today, to introduce us to the Luno product line, while highlighting their flagship product that has made Overlanding, Car Camping, spontaneous getaways, and outdoor adventures a more enjoyable experience.

Click here to connect with Pete on LinkedIn.

To learn more about Luno and their line of outdoor adventure products, you can visit their website at https://lunolife.com/

You can also find Luno on the following social sites:


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