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March 14, 2023

Suzanne Downing, Publications Editor for the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA)

Suzanne Downing, Publications Editor for the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA)
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Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism sponsor this episode of the Outdoor Adventure Series. Warm temps and fresh seafood make the Alabama Gulf Coast the perfect beach destination for family vacations, couples getaways, outdoor adventures, meetings, conferences, and conventions.

Our guest today is Suzanne Downing.

Suzanne is the Publications Editor for the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA).

Suzanne is an outdoor communicator with environmental science and journalism background, living in rural Montana. She loves helping others get inspired to get outdoors and out of their comfort zone. She is also interested in the conservation of our shared outdoor spaces.


1. What is your favorite task or project to work on?
2. What was your OWAA assignment that brought you to Gulf Shores, Alabama?
3. For outdoor communicators, what are three ways to generate story leads when visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama?
4. What was a stand-out moment for you in Gulf Shores, Alabama?
5. What were your favorite dishes from your visit (Restaurant name and dish)?


Gulf State Park - https://www.alapark.com/parks/gulf-state-park
Admiral Shellfish Company - https://admiralshellfishcompany.com/
Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog- https://www.outdooralabama.com/weeks-bay-reserve/weeks-bay-pitcher-plant-bog
Claude Peteet Mariculture Center/Marine Resources Division - https://www.gulfshores.com/things-to-do/claude-peteet-mariculture-centermarine-resources-division/
DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen- https://desotosseafoodkitchen.com/


About a year after my Father-in-Law had open heart surgery, my husband and I took a trip with him and my mother-in-law to Yellowstone National Park. It was the end of April, and the park was closed for a couple of days to car traffic, so we rented bicycles and rode into the park. Seeing how joyful my father-in-law was on his bike coasting down hills and enjoying the scenery in Yellowstone was an "aha" moment for me. He looked free. He was truly living!


Move out of your comfort zone! To grow is to feel uncomfortable. As adults, we can often stop learning or trying new things. If you have something you've always wanted to do, make it happen. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you may find you love it! Or, you may find you don't enjoy it. Either way, you'll grow as a person.




Suzanne wants you to know that the OWAA is not just for writers! Although it's the Outdoor Writers Association of America, we have outdoor communicators that are podcasters, videographers, illustrators, photographers, radio hosts, and more. You don't need to be a writer to be a member. Visit the OWAA on their website at https://owaa.org.


Orange Beach Tourism website at https://www.gulfshores.com/.

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