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July 28, 2022

William (Brad) Bradley, Regenerative Agriculture and Ecosystem & Wildlife Conservation

William (Brad) Bradley, Regenerative Agriculture and Ecosystem & Wildlife Conservation
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Our guest on the Outdoor Adventure Series today is William (Brad) Bradley.

Brad is a retired co-founder of NIC Inc., a technology solutions company. He is the owner and President of Little Osage Ranch, LLC, and the President and co-founder of FarmTender, LLC.

He manages 2,000 acres of pasture, cropland, and timber using regenerative agriculture along the eastern Kansas border, including cattle, sheep, and goats,

FarmTender’s mission is to connect regenerative farmers with eco-friendly landowners.

I met Brad at the Outdoor Writers Association of America(OWAA)conference in Casper, WY, this past May. Brad sat on a panel discussion, where he spoke about Regenerative Agriculture and Ecosystem/Wildlife conservation.

Aha Moment

I got into land ownership through hunting. I wanted to do better management than those managing the land where I was hunting. I gradually progressed into regenerative agriculture over half a dozen years. When it took me three years to find a farmer for my west farm that would practice regenerative agriculture, I used my software background to design with a partner an online finding service for regenerative farmers and landowners.


When you fix the agriculture, the wildlife comes back. Of course, soil biology comes back, which is the foundation for all of this. But the pollinators come back, and the birds that eat the pollinators come back. Ground-nesting birds come back, and the mammals come back. My farmer says one of the problems he has planting his cash crop into the cover crop is dodging all the fawns who have been bedded down by their mothers in the cover crop. We saw our first prairie chicken in 30 years on one of my farms last year.

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To learn more about Brad and his work, you can visit his website at https://www.farmtender.us

Click hereto learn more about the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA).

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