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July 16, 2021

Kris Millgate, Outdoor Journalist, Author, Publisher, and Documentary Filmmaker

Kris Millgate, Outdoor Journalist, Author, Publisher, and Documentary Filmmaker
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Success InSight Podcast. Today's episode is another addition to our Outdoor Adventure Series.

The Outdoor Adventure Series celebrates individuals & families, businesses, and organizations that seek out and promote the exploration of the great outdoors.

Our guest today is Kris Millgate.

Kris is an outdoor journalist who covers outdoor and natural resource stories for print and video media outlets nationwide, including stores for PBS, USA Today, Field & Stream, and East Idaho Outdoors. She is also the founder of Tight Line Media. And she is working on a film and a book about salmon migration from the ocean to Idaho.

Kris is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, a life member of Trout Unlimited, an elementary school volunteer, and a former Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation commissioner. She is an avid fly fisher, ultra trail runner, and youth hockey coach. Her mission is to help humans form a stronger connection with the planet that sustains us.

Check out Kris’ first book, My Place Among Men, on Amazon

Her second book, My Place Among Fish, is available for pre-order and will be published this August.

Her documentary, Ocean to Idaho, will be premiering in August.

To learn more about Kris, visit her website at https://www.tightlinemedia.com/

You can also follow Kris on the following social sites:


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