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Aug. 5, 2022

Steve Ramirez, Outdoor Enthusiast, Author, Naturalist, and Educator

Steve Ramirez, Outdoor Enthusiast, Author, Naturalist, and Educator
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Our guest on the Outdoor Adventure Series is Steve Ramirez.

Steve is an Outdoor Enthusiast, Author, Naturalist, and Educator. He has always seen his life as a quest that is driven by a search for meaning and a desire to make a positive contribution to humanity and the natural world. 

Steve is also the author of two books:

 Casting Forward: Fishing Tales from the Texas Hill Country (Nov. 2020).

Casting Onward: Fishing Adventures in Search of America's Native Gamefish (May 2022).  

He is working on his third book, Casting Seaward: Fishing Adventures in Search of America’s Saltwater Gamefish.

InSight2Go--- While it is my intent that the reader will be entertained by these stories of outdoor adventure, I hope that they will become more accurately informed about native fish and other wildlife as well as the environments that sustain them and us. They will learn more about themselves, humanity, society, and the power of choice.  Hopefully, this book will inspire and empower action toward the common goal of creating a new “Earth Ethic” that helps to save much of what we have come to love and depend upon and restore at least some of what has been lost. 

To learn more about Steve and his work, you can visit his website at https://steveramirezauthor.com

Steve can also be found on the following social sites: 



To learn more about the Outdoor Writers Association of America, visit their website at https://owaa.org.

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